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Fine Arts from Rachana Sansad Academy of Fine Art and Craft, Prabhadevi, Mumbai.

Four Year Diploma (2007 – 2011)




* Workshops with Ashutosh Apte, Mumbai. 2008, 2009

* Workshop by Hedi. K. Ernst on Tradition, Remembrance and Transformation, Mumbai.

* Lithography workshop at Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal. 2010.



* Wall Painting: Ancient masters paintings at Ileap Academy, Juhu.

* Worked as an Art Assistant at Space 118 (artist studio and residency)

* Group Exhibition at NCPA, Piramal Art Gallery, Mumbai, 2010

* Art Exhibition on 100 years of Indian Cinema, Ark Art Gallery, Pune, 2013.

* Art Exhibition Expression 2013 at Greenmark Art Gallery, Delhi, 2013.

* Group Show - STOP MAKING SENSE at The Hive Art Gallery, Mumbai, 2014.



* Working as a Part time Art teacher at Ileap Academy, Juhu.

* Working part time as a Textile Designer in a private firm.




Date of Birth: 16/04/1989

Status: Single

Languages Known: English, Marathi, Hindi.

Areas of Interests: Mainly interested in Charcoal Drawings and Pen sketching.



I would like to name my works as Empty Spaces. I am deeply involved with Charcoal drawings on big size papers and Pen drawings on paper.

One way to describe these empty spaces is by defining space. Within a space there can be “things”, each of these “things” have there own charge or energy. By visually and physically existing, anything that occupies space inherently creates a force in the world. This tension or pressure, is viewed in terms of positive and negative. These “things” are what they are, only because of what is not around them. This emptiness or invisible energy, is what fills our world, constantly flowing around everything, allowing us to see what is what.

At times people call my work as evocative, minimalistic etc, I call it Impulsive. An outcome of what has been stored in its subconscious mind that excited and stirred to the reservoir to emerge to the conscious to translate it at the moment to an artistic work.

When people react to the new paintings, they often say that they love the color. Well, color is easy to love, isn’t it? Who loves the uncolourfullness?

I think of my work as an expression. The truth is: It’s all about honesty. As an artist I find that honesty has been the single most useful tool in my creative productivity.


“Exploratory Paintings,” and that is exactly what they are. After all this I’m still unsure about what they are saying, what they are doing and how they work, not to mention, if they are ultimately successful. However, I find myself actively engaged with their conception and production. Their uncertainty encourages me to keep making them.

My current position is that I am simply trying to discover my own unique artistic voice, whatever that may be. My artistic life has been occupied with various related projects. Some, I felt I was doing something, some, not so much. In total, however, I feel I have done something till now. And that’s enough to keep going.



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